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Some people are born with the talent and passion for capturing vibes with the lens of their camera in a natural way. They capture it in such a beautiful manner that you intend to look the world from their eyes. Are you looking for someone who can do that all for you? Then you are at the right place.

Meet Eden Shohat. He began his professional career in Tel-Aviv, Israel and has been doing his photography projects now and then. Photography is an art and only some people are born with talent and skills to do justice with it and he is one of those! He knows how to perform his job in the best possible manner.

He has also done photo shoots and directed music videos of some of the most famous Music artists that includes Post Malone, Cody Ko, Borgore, Skrillex, Marshamello etc. He is brilliant in taking portraits of DJ’s and has captured the pictures in such a way that they look as if the life has been preserved in them. He has also covered some of the largest festivals of the year that includes Sziget, Tomorrowland, Hard Day of the Dead, -424 DeadSea Rave and many more.


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